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My name is Oren Hayman, I was born in 1978 and I live in Israel, I’m a self-taught photographer, I was an IT Director for about 10 years before I’ve picked up on photography. I decided to pursue the dream of making a living of something I actually like doing… so I quit my job and today I have my own studio shooting portraits of models, actors, arts and fashion.

The obsession with photographing people stems from my fascination with its inherent psychology. In my opinion, it is impossible to produce authentic portraits without connecting with your photographic subject, even momentarily. My intention is to capture the subjects without their inhibitions in a decisive moment, to capture their unspoilt natural state. I don't have a magic formula. The human soul is unique, so peeling back the layers is the main part of the process, not the photography itself. I draw my inspiration from the people I work with; their character, their desires, and, using my imagination, I pour what I notice and understand about them into the composition. Through my photographs I aim to present a decisive moment I have captured, one that will not recur, for others to interpret in their own way.

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